Electricity and health works

And can be carried out in parallel with the establishment of sanitary works (plumbing) in the site and divided into two parts are the foundation of the foundation and finishing.
The establishment and means the stage of the installation and installation of cans and mechanisms and boxes and collection boxes and all the work buried in the walls and can be done at this stage also pull the wire or delay the withdrawal of wires to a later stage and pull instead of guys to help pull wires later easily .
Finish the work (Finch) and means the stage of ending the work and include the withdrawal of wires (if not previously withdrawn) and open the places of Asoptat in the suspended ceilings and the installation of keys and briquettes and chassis for cans and the closure of the plate cutters and can be divided this stage To several successive stages in parallel with the rest of the work in the site (and especially the work of dyes)