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About the Founder

Eng. Abdulaziz Saleh Al – Saqabi Graduated (Architecture – King Faisal University in Al Khobar City) in 2005 Invested his excellence in his academic studies, to be a distinguished engineer within the local and international companies and in various roles began Assistant Engineer and concluded with the Executive Director of one of the global consulting companies specialized in the field of engineering consultancy In various teams, he began construction of the Anvil Construction Project after working for more than 14 years of work in the field of Building Engineering, from which he acquired the keys to success and the ability to meet challenges. The establishment of an entity (Sinan Construction Contracting) was launched as a bid farewell to the hard work efforts of the Office of United Architects for Engineering Consultancy to serve as the working arm for achieving its objectives and future vision.


The founder's word

It is our responsibility to develop our principles, values and goals at every step we begin to change this concept in the relationship between the contractor and the client, to create a new concept in the market, to be a way for others to follow. We believe that, thank God, we are moving in this direction with real steps. We hope that God will be able to reach our goals and values and be in our silence to add value to all parties associated with us and happy customers and proud to work under the umbrella of Annan.

Abdul Aziz al-Saqabi